Green Tea Goodness || té verde

Thought I’d share some of my baking adventures…  Beginning with Green Tea Cupcakes!

When making this round of birthday cupcakes, I used a basic vanilla cupcake recipe, flavored with Matcha powder. I used a generic Matcha from a local asian market, but in the past I’ve had really great luck with the Teavana Matcha found here.  Even though it’s pricey, the flavor is much more pungent, for you green tea lovers.  The center of these cupcakes was filled with a basic chocolate buttercream icing, which broke up the flavor nicely.

Though I wanted to experiment with an exciting Italian Mirange Buttercream recipe I found here, I was in a crunch for time and utilized my same simple buttercream recipe with a dash of Matcha to ice the top of my cupcakes.  This baking adventure did mark my first with the glorious 1m swirl icing tip from Wilton…  which I now will be using for everything!


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